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with Henrietta Snow 
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What to Expect from a Tarot Reading


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Find Clarity

You have more options than you recognize and more power than you know. Tarot circumvents your typical logic to show you new ways to break free from ruts and patterns. You are your own best fortune teller. Henrietta will help you work your questions to evoke empowering, inspired, and pragmatic answers so that you can create the future of your own dreams.

Look Inward

Tarot is a pathway to the collective unconscious. Each card is a symbolic doorway that will bring you to a different understanding of your life's potential. Your reading will focus on the subject of your choice. A tarot reading can help you gain insights about yourself and your true desires to:

• Examine Love Relationships • Weigh Options for Life Changes
• Consider Career Goals • Move Beyond Grief
• Expand Your Horizons

Tarot Divination Is Nothing New

Tarot cards date back to a 15th century Italian card game called Tarocchi. Tarot is an adaptation of the common 52-card playing deck, which is about 200 years older. The modern use of tarot for divination began in the late 19th century, when modern psychologists Freud and Jung were ushering in concepts of the subconscious and the collective unconscious mind. Tarot works in part because it helps us access our unconscious intuition to reach conclusions that our logical minds don't see. There's a magic behind it that's evident with the uncommon synchronicity found when certain cards appear.

"Better than therapy! It was great to sit with Henrietta and focus on an issue that was important to me. She used the cards to help guide me to some helpful insights." — Maggi J.

Visconti Tarot World Card  Visconti Tarot Death Card

"The World card and the Death card from the oldest Tarot deck in existence today, the Visconti de Modrone, c. 1447"

How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

Chances are you have a question or two leading you to seek out a reading at this moment. Bring those questions to the reading and Henrietta will help craft them into a tarot spread. The most successful questions are open-ended and focused on you. Some questions are not appropriate for readings. Avoid asking Henrietta to pry into another person's life or psyche, and know that she is not qualified to perform readings about medical issues, treatments, or related decisions.