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Tarot Reading Options and Prices

Present Day Tarot is located 15 minutes southeast of Downtown Seattle, Washington. I provide in-studio readings as well as remote readings over the Internet or by phone.

In-Studio Tarot Readings

An in-studio reading is a comfortable and personable way to experience tarot. In addition to an energetic preparation of the studio and a full hour dedicated to you, this service includes an optional follow up Q&A session via email. You will receive an audio recording of the session as well as a photograph of the cards you draw.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: $125

Remote Tarot Readings

If you're not in the Seattle, Washington area, let's set up a remote reading. I do readings by phone, Face Time, Skype and Facebook Messenger. I will send you a photo of the cards in your reading following the session. I offer half-hour and 15-minute options.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: $75

Duration: 15 Minutes
Price: $50

Email Readings

Email readings are a great option for people in different time zones, or those who prefer to have their session in written form. We will communicate by email before the reading to define the question, and then I will conduct a 3-card reading in response. Written reports run between 3-5 pages with photos included.

Turnaround: 4 days
Price: $75

Happy Hour Mini-Readings

Stop by a public reading event for a low-cost mini-reading. You can find me most Tuesday evenings between 5:00 and 6:30 pm at the Taproot Cafe and Bar in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood. I occasionally partner with other businesses as well. Follow my Facebook Page for calendar updates, cancellations, and additions. Book in advance to guarantee your spot.

Duration: 10 minutes
Price: $25

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The Tarot Salon

The Tarot Salon is a place for people to discuss, learn, and practice reading tarot for one another. Tarot Salons take place in my Southeast Seattle studio two times each month. If you are curious to learn to read the cards yourself, join me at The Tarot Salon!

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Other Tarot Services

Because these typically happen outside my regular business hours, please reach out to me to request a date and to discuss details.

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Celebrating a big birthday? Want to liven up your conference or retreat? Looking to boost attendance at your client appreciation picnic? Book Present Day Tarot by the hour to add fun and intrigue to your event.

Price: $125 per hour
Price generally includes travel and preparation.

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I believe that every tarot reader needs a mentor. When I was a younger reader, my mentors helped me leap to new levels even with just a few sessions. I am now an experienced mentor through the American Tarot Association and Free Tarot Network. If you are an aspiring tarot reader and like my reading style, please contact me to talk about mentoring possibilities.

Price: Negotiable

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Yetta leads “Make Your Own Tarot Card” workshops at the libraries, art fairs, and anywhere a curious crowd is likely to gather. This is a hands-on collage-making experience that introduces the history, symbolism, and art of tarot, and then gives you the tools to make some magic of your own.

Price: $280-$375
Price generally includes materials, travel and preparation.

"Henrietta's knowledge of Tarot and sensitive reading opened up a meaningful dialogue between the two of us. What I learned resonated with me long after our initial session."

— Anne-Marie M.